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TruTouch Courses

Equine, Canine & Human Body Balance Courses. Communicate Effectively & Develop a Stronger Intuition.

"Mentorship Programs"


Body Alignment, Therapeutic Stretch & Release, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Session (RTT)

"Mind-Body Connection"

"Sandy's workshops have empowered me to become a better person and I look at other people's attitudes in a different way. With the techniques I have learned I am able to help my family and my horses to maintain their overall health. Thank You Sandy!"

Shari Lange

"The TruTouch Equine Therapy course with Sandy is unlike any course I have ever taken! Every course with her I leave with a wealth of knowledge & new understanding about a horse's wellbeing! Thank you Sandy for sharing your knowledge with me!"

Brittny Friend

"The information you have given me is priceless! Thank You for helping me find the tools to be ME! My journey to SELF was inspired by you!"

Shelley Holuk

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