Ready to help your family, friends, and animals overcome aches and pains to feel healthier & happier?

TruTouch Body Alignment is a specialized hands-on energy-based therapy to gently balance the bodies of people and animals.

 Available for People, Horses & Dogs

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Sandy Wittynek, Creator of TruTouch Therapy and the EASE Method, Confidence & Intuition Coach, & Personal Fitness Trainer, has over 25 years of experience and training in several modalities of alternate therapy and has helped over 15,000 bodies feel better and experience a more active pain-free life.


It is Sandy’s mission to help as many people and animals as possible in restoring their health and wellness.  In doing so, she shares her techniques and information with those wishing to pursue balancing treatments for people and animals through workshops and on-line training courses.

These trainings have been created for people wanting to learn more about balancing the human body for their family, friends and/or clients.  As well as people looking for more ways to form a stronger connection with their horses and/or dogs and help understand how to help release their body soreness and improve their mobility. 

TruTouch is based on specialized kinesiology with the emphasis on working with the body from a holistic perspective.  By using energy and muscle testing to identify weakness then using gentle muscle manipulation and adjustments, strength and range of motion can be restored.

Learn how to assist family members, friends, animals and clients feel better and live happier, healthier lives by using TruTouch Body Alignment

TruTouch Body Alignment for People

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TruTouch Body Alignment for Horses

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TruTouch Body Alignment for Dogs

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