(Energy Alignment for Self-Empowerment)
 designed for:


 -Life Coaches, Wellness Coaches and Mentors

-Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals

-Wellness Specialists, Practitioners & Body Workers

-Individuals interested in releasing out-dated beliefs and mental blocks

-Those who want complete control of their lives, their dreams and their happiness

-And anyone eager to remove the blocks that are holding them back


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While other Coaches, Trainers & Practitioners continue to struggle with their clients remaining stagnant … suffering from blocks that make attracting prosperity, unlocking success or living their best life almost impossible…

You now have access to the key in clearing out-dated beliefs and releasing negative emotions

Become empowered … access the proven step by step method for identifying, releasing and re-creating beliefs that serve your clients 

Become inspired … as you will now have the framework that sparks the next exciting phase for your clients’ transformation 

Become limitless …because you can finally unleash your full, unstoppable potential to create massive change in your life, your business and the lives of those around you  

Become awakened … so you can experience the ability to have, do and be whatever you choose has finally been activated

Discover the transformational power of the EASE METHOD as a Certified Facilitator by better serving your clients in aligning their beliefs and desires.

As a CERTIFIED E.A.S.E FACILITATOR, you will have the knowledge and skills required to effectively practice the EASE Method on yourself, or with anyone who seeks your help

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This course gives professional providers, specialists and individuals an opportunity to embrace a modern solution to an age-old and often undiagnosed problem of conscious and unconscious beliefs and counter-intuitive emotions that can lead to a life of stagnancy failed dreams and personal struggle.


While other self-improvement techniques scratch the surface, and repeat the same conversation over and over again, now there is a proven path that focuses, with laser-like precision, on removing the fundamental blocks that hold back millions of individuals without them even knowing it.

"EASE has helped me be able to get to the root cause of my client’s problems better.  There was no more “beating around the bush” and fixing symptoms of their problems. 
It made me be able to serve them better and get them better results.

It’s a straightforward approach to overcoming limiting beliefs, but it also releases the old energy from their energy field which is a game changer for me.

I use it with all of my one-on-one clients and can see their confidence change from the beginning of a session to the end!"


During the method, E.A.S.E FACILITATORS are able to help clients bypass the subconscious resistance and travel straight to the heart of what’s causing the negative belief or block standing in the client’s way.

Facilitator Training will be lead by E.A.S.E Creator, Sandy Wittynek 

Sandy is an Intuition & Confidence Coach, Founder of TruTouch Therapy and a Personal Fitness Trainer

Sandy has decades of experience in helping people experience energy alignment using physical, mental and emotional techniques.  She has the unique gift of trusting her intuitive abilities to identify the root of imbalances and blocks in her clients and provide support and methods for transformation.


As an E.A.S.E FACILITATOR, Master the RELEASE AND TRANSFORMATION techniques of the E.A.S.E. METHOD to help your clients unlock their infinite abundance and limitless life

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