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The E.A.S.E. Method™ begins a transformational process for those looking to change their life and up-level their health, wealth and relationships

It provides a step-by-step holistic process to help people identify the root of an issue or challenge, reveal the resistance, experience the release technique to transform their energy alignment for a new vision in moving forward.

E.A.S.E. is a specialized modality that allows for authentic ENERGY ALIGNMENT using a combination of techniques for emotional release, mindset shifts, body balancing and transformational coaching. 

By tapping into their Inner Guidance, Source, True Self and aligning EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL energies, people can experience SELF- EMPOWERMENT to live the life they desire.

The ENERGY ALIGNMENT for SELF-EMPOWERMENT METHOD is a transformational modality based on the principles of Kinesiology with the foundation of energy medicine, neuroscience research and the Laws of Vibration and Attraction.

"An EASE Session for me is taking all my trapped conscious and sub-conscious beliefs throughout my mind, body & spirit, acknowledging that they exist and then releasing them creating space for something new and transforming me into someone stronger, healthier and more aligned with who I am. "

-Chris B.

The E.A.S.E Method presents a new and highly efficient process that can achieve results within days or weeks where other methodologies can take years to get the same results. 

By easily tuning into your energy and tapping into your personal power, you will experience better clarity on underlying issues or challenges.  

You can discover what is really holding you back, why you are experiencing pain or why you resist your inner guidance to have, do or be better.

It is a life-changing experience to let go of stress, overwhelm, physical or emotional pain, clear blocks, memories and traumatic experiences.


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How It Works:

The E.A.S.E. Method taps into your energy to communicate with your Unconscious Mind to reveal unconscious programs, thoughts, beliefs and stories that you continue to live by.  Bypassing the Conscious or Logical Mind allows you to learn about the root cause of a challenge, belief or behaviour. 


Physical bodies hold and manifest aches and pains that relate to trapped emotions.  An E.A.S.E. Session can help you release fear, blame, overwhelm, stress, tension and repetitive thoughts or beliefs that have made you feel like you are carrying around the weight of the world.


Learn to release the resistance or the belief that does not serve You.


Learn how protect your energy when dealing with certain people or situations that are causing you physical or emotional pain


During this transformational process, you can quickly release the negative feeling and create and embody a new feeling, thought, belief, pattern, story or emotion that is better aligned with your inner being and true self.


As you become more familiar with mastering your own energy and tapping into your inner guidance, a new world of possibilities awaits you.

You will be Empowered to live the life that you desire and deserve. 

NOW is the time to discover what is holding you back, impacting your relationships or hindering your own sense of wellbeing.

E.A.S.E Method™ can be experienced
In Person or Distance Session

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As an E.A.S.E FACILITATOR, Master the RELEASE AND TRANSFORMATION techniques of the E.A.S.E. METHOD to help your clients unlock their infinite abundance and limitless life

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