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TruTouch Body Alignment for Horses is a tested and proven, easy to follow “Do It Yourself” bodywork method for horse lovers to better maintain the health and body alignment of their horses. 

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  • Do you feel helpless when your horse is sore and not know how to help them?
  • Have you ever had a feeling that your horse is ‘off’, yet no one else can ‘see’ it?
  • Are you tired of waiting on others to help your horse with less than positive results?
  • Would you like to create a stronger bond with your horse?
  • Are you ready to take your horsemanship skills to the next level?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above.... 
I Have Some Exciting News from the

If You Own A Horse, Ride A Horse, Work With Horses Or Have A Passion For Helping Horses


TruTouch Body Alignment for Horses Online Course & Certification

NOW is the time to better care for and create a special connection with your Horse!

Learn how to help them feel better & move better

Having Specialized Techniques to help your horse, the moment you are seeing an issue or when your horse is feeling ‘off’, is the greatest gift to share with your 4-legged friends.

Learn to better understand how their bodies work 

TruTouch Body Alignment is a holistic approach using a gentle, non-invasive touch in manipulating muscles to release tension, followed by specific pressure adjustments to allow for proper structural alignment.  

The TruTouch Body Alignment for Horses Online Course provides all of the steps necessary to help in relieving your horse of its aches and pains, which allows for increased mobility and creates better behavioural patterns for a happier healthier horse.

I have been working on horses and people for over 25 years, laying my hands on more than 10,000 bodies using these exact TruTouch Body Alignment techniques.  

It is my mission to help as many animals and people feel better as possible.

This is why I share my information and techniques with others so you, too, can help the animals &/or people in your life. 

Taking the TruTouch Body Alignment from Sandy has turned out to be one of the best investments I have ever made.  This experience has made me remember so many occurrences with my horses in the past, where I thought “if I had only known this then”. Sandy has taught me to see things from the horse’s point of view. This has turned into such a valuable tool in helping my horses through the different issues they are experiencing. Many of which I would have never had known the cause of prior to going through this Course.  I have got to know myself better through this experience, which I feel has played a vital role in allowing me to connect with the horses. Thank you Sandy for allowing me to strengthen the relationships I have with my horses.  ~ Tiffany


In this Course, You will learn -

  • How to ground and relax your horse
  • How to pinpoint the weaknesses in your horse’s body
  • How to better understand their energy bubble
  • How to Muscle Test
  • How to use unique specialized alignment techniques
  • How to increase circulation & range of motion
  • How to release stress and cranial pressure
    & much more

This Course is more than learning to balance and treat animals, I now have a better relationship with animals and I am confident in the work I am doing.  Oh and I have to mention, my new favourite move is working on the pelvis -  more people need to learn this method.  It is much more relaxing to the animal and does wonders for them!  Thank You so much for a newfound method to help animals. ~ Stephanie

TruTouch Body Alignment for Horses Online Course

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