Ready to help your family, friends and clients overcome aches and pains?

TruTouch Body Alignment for People is a tested and proven, easy to follow “Do It Yourself” bodywork method to help all ages of people that are needing some extra care to better maintain their health. 

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  • Do you feel helpless when someone in your family is body sore and dealing with aches and pains?
  • Would you like to know how to help your children sleep more comfortably when dealing with growing pains?
  • Are you a Body-Worker or Trainer wanting to better serve your clients?
  • Would you like to help people struggling with injuries, lack of circulation and lost range of motion?
  • Are you ready to understand how Muscle Testing can help identify misalignments in people’s bodies?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above.... 
I Have Some Exciting News from the

Whether You Are A Parent, A Body-Worker, A Personal Trainer Or Someone That Has A Deep Passion For Helping People


TruTouch Body Alignment for People Online Course & Certification

NOW is the time to be able to help your family, friends & clients!

Learn how to help them feel better & move better

Having Specialized Techniques in your tool-bag gives you the ability to jump into action the moment someone twists an ankle, kinks their neck or has trouble with their back.

Learn to better understand how their bodies work 

TruTouch Body Alignment is a holistic approach using a gentle, non-invasive touch in manipulating muscles to release tension, followed by specific pressure adjustments to allow for proper structural alignment.  

The TruTouch Body Alignment for People Online provides all of the steps necessary to help in relieving your family/clients of their aches and pains, which allows for increased circulation and mobility, better sleep patterns, less stress and tension and the ability to have more fun and enjoy life to its fullest.

I have been working on animals and people for over 25 years, laying my hands on more than 10,000 bodies using these exact TruTouch Body Alignment techniques.  

It is my mission to help as many animals and people feel better as possible.

This is why I share my information and techniques with others so you, too, can help the people &/or animals in your life. 

I have been practicing weekly on my kids using the TruTouch Body Alignment techniques.  They love it!!  But I no longer run into much need to adjust as they are feeling so good but it is still great practice for me.
~ Anna

In this Course, You will learn -

  • How to better understand human anatomy
  • How to pinpoint energy field imbalances
  • How to Energy/Muscle Test
  • How to use unique specialized alignment techniques
  • How to increase circulation & range of motion
  • How to release stress and cranial pressure
    & much more

Sandy Wittynek is an amazing mentor!  I would not be who I am today without her.  With TruTouch Therapy I am making a difference for humans, horses and dogs.
~ Nancy

TruTouch Body Alignment for People Online Course

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